The Year of the Colds

June 30, 2011
by Lory Laughter

The year 2011 is going down in my personal log as the year of the allergies/colds. Having always prided myself on being mostly immune to the malady of the masses in Napa Valley, the first 6 months of the year have taken me by surprise. I have had no fewer than four bouts with allergies and/or cold-type symptoms. As mold is my only trued known allergy, scrubbing, cleaning and rinsing of all water holding devices (dishwasher and icemaker) is completed. Alas, Tuesday's sun rose on a sore through and stuff nore for me.

I don't always balk at conventional medicine - Sudafed®, Cold-EEZE® and Zicam® are all in my arsenal. When it comes to carrying on with daily life and employment, drying out the mucus flow is paramount. However, when a sore throat is added to the mix Dentiva© is my weapon choice. Dentiva© always soothes my aching throat within a matter of minutes. Now, I know why!

Rather than systemic exposure and abuse, I have long been a proponent of contact site solutions and direct application of medicine to the area of concern. It is no secret I advocate topical fluoride over water fuoridation and locally applied antibiotics before oral varieties that are swallowed and most pass through the digestive system. Attack where the problem lies is my motto.

Dentiva© contains zinc gluconate which is released over time while the lozenge is in the oral cavity. For me, this can be up to 2 hours of continual zince applicatioin to my red and aching throat. It makes sense that 2 hours of exposure to the medicinal cure is much better than a few seconds while it passes into my esophagus. rinses and gargles can provide longer application of zinc than pills, but the substantivity is still relatively short. Bottom line, my throat feels better afte allowing a Dentive© lozenge to dissolve in my mouth ove a couple of hours. I can use the lozenge while I work, speak and even take sips of water with no problem.

While I also recommend Dentiva© to increase oral pH, xylitol and the antimicrobial effects of the essential oils, in my practice and experience, Dentiva© is most requested for halitosis management. More specifically teenagers and young adults who want fresh breath for job interviews, dates and even just daily interaction ask for the product most often. A neutral pH and potential for caries reduction becomes an almost secondary bonus for this population. Zince gluconate has been proven to control oral malodor and is available in rinses, gums, mints and even tongue sprays. Again, in a long lasting lozenge such as Dentiva© the zinc is available to fight bad breath for hours instead of minutes.

My throat feels much better today. I have decreased from 4 to 2 lozenges a day and the aching has not returned. AND I AM NOT EXPERIENCING ALLERGY INDUCED HALITOSIS. It's not rocket science - maybe not even science at all, but let me make a bold suggestion. Call Nuvora Inc, or visit their website at and purchase a few boxes of Dentiva©. Next time you even begin to feel a tickle in your throat, pop in a lozenge and let it dissolve slowly. Take notice of the relief provided and then tell a friend the secret. Drop me a line as well!

Nuvora can be reached at 877-419-2646, by email at or by visiting the website above.