Finally! Relief for Dry Mouth

January 6, 2015
by Linda Rhoades

In dentistry there are few conditions that cause th myriad of symptoms that the dreaded dry mouth does. It increases risk for tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, sore through, burning tongue and lips, difficulty in swallowing, and poor sleeping. All dental hygienists have patients with these common symptoms as well as friends or family members.

Our options for alleviating dry mouth in past years have been underwhelming.

Typical solutions are often met with poor compliance and resulting limited success. Asking dry mouth sufferers to glug water all day or rinse with OTC mouth rinses and sprays every hour is inconvenient at best. Often the place of employment is not conducive to pulling out a jug of water, mouthwash, or spray bottle. Prescription salivary stimulants such as pilocarpine work in some cases but many people balk at taking yet another drug. Compliance can be less than stellar with these inconvenient and often fruitless remedies. Mints cover odor but have no therapeutic value. Unless sugar free mints or lozenges are chosen, their use can further add to the risk of tooth decay.

These solutions are just too short acting to provide relief. Night time dry mouth sufferers often wake up multiple times during the night just to drink more water ... and visit the bathroom!

An ideal solution would be a very long lasting moisture delivery, should be therapeutic, and be convenient for working patients to use. A lozenge exists containing xylitol (to inhibit bacterial growth) and a long lasting polymer delivery system that can deliver relief for hours. Salese is available in select drugstores and over the internet, e.g.,,, or

I have recommended this product to many patients with great success. It's longevity makes it cost effective, and ease of use is a welcome relief! Salese provides a soothing coating to the throat to provide lubrication and prevent dryness. Peoplein public speaking, teaching, sales or entertaining will find the small lozenge does not interfere with the use of their voice. Patients have reported that they often wake up in the morning with the lozenge till "parked" in the same location, thrilled that their mouth is still moist and their throat lubricated.

As a dental hygienist, as well as the wife of a husband who suffers with dry mouth, I can personally attest to the effectiveness and convenience of Salese lozenges. It is very easy to carry these small lozenges in a pocket or purse. Aside from the ease of use, the remarkable result is that they work. The word I hear most often when receiving feedback on Salese from patients who were long term dry mouth sufferers is "finally!"