May 10, 2016
by Susan Pennella Burzynski

It was approximately three years ago when I was introduced to Livionex. I was skeptical, to say the least, about this new product. How could any product reduce the amount of calculus in a patient's mouth? That comes only with proper home care, or so I thought.

The first patient I recommended Livonex to was Carolyn. She was alternating her professional cleanings between us (her general dentist) and her periodontist. Carolyn confided in me that she was getting discouraged going between two offices for two years and not seeing, or hearing, she was making any improvement. I asked if she was willing to try an experiment for me. As Carolyn was a retired librarian, she was all about researching new ideas and products. I gave Carolyn a tube of Livionex and instructed her to use it twice daily and to floss once a day. I asked her NOT to tell the hygienist or periodontist that she was using the Livionex. Carolyn generally presents with subgingival calculus on all posterior interproximal surfaces. Supragingival calculus covered not only the buccal and lingual surfaces, but the occlusal surfaces as well. Her periodontal probe readings were 5+ in all posterior areas.

Three months later, Carolyn had an appointment with her periodontist. Once home from her appointment, Carolyn called our office asking to speak to me. Her first words were "I love you!" She explained that she had followed my instructions and said nothing to either the hygienist or periodontist about Livionex. Carolyn said the hygienist couldn't believe the improvement in Carolyn's mouth. The subgingival calculus was minimal. The supragingival calculus was moderate versus Carolyn's usual heavy; and it was as not as tenacious. The hygienist also noted the inflammation had decreased. The hygienist and periodontist asked what Carolyn had done differently. At this point in the appointment Carolyn revealed she was using Livionex. The hygienist asked where Carolyn had heard about Livionex and she wanted to learn more. Carolyn still alternates her appointments between the general dentist and periodontist, but she finally is hearing from the professionals that her oral health is improving.

After having such success with Carolyn, I have introduced Livionex to other patients. Each has the same issues as Carolyn. After each had used Livionex for three months I compared their initial periodontal probe reading to their three month recall readings. In each case these patients presented with the same results Carolyn had at her periodontal recall. My employers were very impressed. One of the patients, Frank, was diagnosed with cancer. His complaint was the harsh mint taste in the over the counter toothpastes. With the lighter mint taste of Livionex, Frank was able to brush without a burning cessation. And yet another patient was so impressed with the results of her using Livionex she introduced her husband to the paste! The best advertising is "word of mouth"!

In the years I have used Livionex on my patients, I have revamped my initial feeling on this product. I have seen these patients' oral health return to a state they can manage. I have seen their periodontal readings and inflammation decrease. This type of result does not happen with traditional toothpaste. I will continue to recommend Livionex for these patients and others.