Sonicare for Kids

February 25, 2016
by Lory Laughter

I have been using a Sonicare toothbrush for more than 15 years. Introduced during my studies at Idaho State University, I used it on and off until 2001 when I picked up one at a dental meeting and never looked back. Currently, the DiamondClean is my electric toothbrush of choice and I am not ashamed to admit I have one in every color - white, black, amethyst and pink. Not only does this brush look good on the counter (sleek charging base or charge the contactless glass), it leaves my mouth feeling cleaner than anything else I've tried.

In studies, Sonicare has been shown to remove 7x more plaque from hard to reach places than a manual toothbrush. Additionally, Sonicare improves gum health in just two weeks through optimal cleaning along the gum line and between teeth. If whiter teeth are your goal, Sonicare has been shown to remove 2x more stain than a manual toothbrush resulting in whiter teeth in just 1 week.

All of this is great news for adults, but what about our children? We know that early childhood dental care plays a vital role in good oral health habits as adults. Childhood caries are a risk factor and indicator of tooth decay in adults and introducing children to good oral health care habits early decreases their risk of painful disease now as well as into the future.

One solution: Sonicare for Kids!

As with all Sonicare toothbrushes, Sonicare for Kids is supported by sound clinical research. This brush addresses the unique needs of children and their increasing dexterity. The colorful design excites and motivates children to brush.

In studies, Sonicare for Kids was shown to remove more plaque than a manual brush in children aged 7-10. It was also proven to be safe and gentle on oral tissues. When compared to a battery-powered toothrush in the same age group, Sonicare for Kids was again shown superior at plaque removal.

Similar results were found in children 4-7 years of age. In a study of professional applied tooth brushing, Sonicare for Kids (in "high" and "low" settings) removed significantly more plaque than a manual toothbrush from the dentition overall as well as in hard-to-reach areas. Both a manual brush and Sonicare for Kids were shown to be safe for use and gental on oral tissues.

A product for children is only as effective as their willingness to use the product and make it a routine. Philips conducted a study to evaluate if Sonicare for Kids resulted in acceptable and successful home tooth brushing experiences for children and parents. In one study 75 parents and 105 children completed a three-week survey. The parents introduced Sonicare for Kidsto their 4-10 year old children and reported observations.

After three weeks, the study respondents observed:

  • greater motivation brushing with Sonicare for Kids compared to their prior toothbrush, 90%
  • better brushing with Sonicare For Kids compared to their prior toothbrush
  • their child brushed longer with Sonicare For Kids compared to their prior toothbrush

Sonicare For Kids

I introduced Sonicare for Kids to some of my own grandchildren. Most of them are under 4 years of age, so not in the ideal or studied age, but all found Sonicare for Kids interesting and they really liked the removable design covers. My oldest granddaughter (age 5) was able to easily adapt the brush to her mouth and liked the way it felt on her teeth. (The included stickers were also a hit.) Their parents found it easy to assist the children in brushing with Sonicare for Kids. I look forward to giving all of my grandchildren a Sonicare for Kids powered brush as they reach the appropriate age.

No matter what toothbrush you choose, remember to change the brush or brush head every 3 months. No exceptions!

Here's to improved oral and overall health at every life stage.