SuRe Technology and Oral Health

March 14, 2016
by Lory Laughter

Why is SuRE Technology important to you?

Do you like that nice fresh, clean feel you get from gums or mints? The burn you get from some mouthwashes that make you feel as if it really did something good? Ever wonder why the feeling doesn't last very long?

The ingredients in gums, mints and rinses do not stay in the mouth for any amount of time. Rinses are gone in 2-5 minutes, while the ingredients in gums and mints are washed away shortly after the product is chewed or removed. Even 100% xylitol gums do not provide for a long period of xylitol release. Instructions sometimes state to chew for 5 minutes, as this is the active period of ingredient release.

SuRe® Technology was created to address this issue of low substantivity (staying ability) of ingredients in the mouth. SuRe® Technology allows for a sustained period of ingredient release from lozenges allowing us to address a number of issues specific to oral health. I want to focus on dy mouth today.

Most everybody has experienced the occasional dry mouth feeling. Studies have demonstrated that 70 million people suffer from dy mouth in the US. It is more common in women than men and increases with age and the number of medications a person takes. As the frequency of dry mouth increases so do the chances of developing significant dental health problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis or infections.

To temporarily ease the symptoms of dry mouth various strategies have been employed. Most of them, like chewing gum or sipping water, are only short term solutions and do not address the complications, like bacteria build up or bad breath which may arise from dry mouth.

For long-lasting dry mouth relief and dental protection I recommend you try Salese from Nuvora Inc. Salese has been shown to ease the discomfort associated with dry mouth, to balance oral pH, and to provide bacteria fighting ingredients while also giving long-lasting fresh breath, through SuRe® Technology.

Insufficient saliva means bacteria in your mouth and on the teeth are not being washed away. This can result in oral health problems such as cavities and inflammation (gingivitis). Salese offers long-lasting relief from dy mouth with an ingredient to give the mouth a moist feeling. In addition, Salese has ingredients to promote oral health by reducing bacteria, neutralizing cavity-causing acids, aiding in tooth remineralization and inhibiting volatile sulfur compounds, which can cause bad breath.

Whether you suffer from dry mouth or not, daily oral care is essential in preventing oral disease. Brush at least twice a day and clean between your teeth with floss, interdental brushes or an oral irrigator daily. If you suffer from dry mouth, add Salese and SuRe Technology to your routine to prevent possible further damage to your oral health.

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