The Wonderful World of Dental Technology

June 17, 2011
by Lory Laughter

I am an admitted non-flosser. Not a popular stance as a Dental Hygienist, yet the truth is a good starting point to change. According to different online sites, the ADA estimates that 10-29% of us floss daily and up to 45% performs flossing one to three times a week. Therefore, even with the best statistics, less than half of us ever pick up floss to clean between our teeth.

m not knocking floss - used correctly this little string can go a long way in the fight against gingivitis. The problem lies in the fact that it just isn't utilized. The best racecar can only win with an effective driver.

Sonicare AirFloss to the rescue. Philips Sonicare has demonstrated the ability of fluid forces to remove plaque biofilm since the first Sonicare power toothbrush was introduced. One thing I know for sure, technology and products that come from the makers of Sonicare power toothbrushes undergo rigorous testing to ensure performance, safety and design are validated.

AirFloss uses 'micro bubbles' and a tiny dose of liquid to create a gentle, yet effective interproximal cleaning action. This is not an oral irrigator - it is a new way to achieve interdental plaque disruption. The amount of fluid in the AirFloss is only 1 teaspoon for a full mouth use. No messy mirror clean up needed after using this product!

My experience with AirFloss has been all positive. I started using the device about 6 weeks ago and have used it daily the entire time. As a non-flosser, I can't compare AirFloss to traditional string floss - a moot point anyway as Sonicare AirFloss is not a floss replacement, but a floss alternative. If you or your patients ar among that 10-29% who floss daily, carry on as usual. Yet, as the ADA points out, the majority of adults do not use string to accomplish interdental cleaning.

In the 6 weeks of using AirFloss, I have not experienced any negative side effects. My Gums do not bleed when brushing and self-disclosing with tri-colored solution does not reveal undisturbed interproximal plaque. More importantly, it is easy to use, takes less than one minute for the full mouth and feels good afterwards. I still use my oral irrigator three to five nights a week, brush with Sonicare Flexcare+ twice a day and scrape my tongue every morning. AirFloss has been a welcome addition to my oral care routine, not a replacement. An extra minute per day is worth the results - and rids me of that pesky not flossing guilt.

Research shows that Sonicare AirFloss removes significantly more interproximal plaque than manual brushing alone and reduced gingivitis after two and four weeks of use compared to brushing alone. A whooping 96% of infrequent flossers reported using AirFloss four or more days per week - a significant factor for the more than 50% of us who simply do not floss.

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